Together, we’ll sketch out the initial idea, determine what works best, and launch the final product.

I’m Rachel McBee, a designer and hobbyist storm chaser originally from the east coast. My career has taken me in numerous directions: graphic design in Upstate New York, creative marketing in Denver, Colorado, and web design + development for the weather industry in Norman, Okahoma. From espresso machines to hurricanes, snow squalls to enterprise content management, I’ve worked with a gamut of companies.

I love working with others to bring their ideas to life. When it comes to getting the point across, you have to nail it every single time. What’s the point of a design if it doesn’t convert customers to consumers? What’s the point of a work of art if it doesn’t raise questions about the concept? Take a look around and see if your questions are answered and your interests piqued! Get inspired by the landscape of the Badlands and dissect a tornado in my photo gallery. Go on, I’ll wait here.