WordPress? Hubspot? CMS, CRM, or something in between? There’s a lot to consider when developing and maintaining a web presence, and I invest the time needed to not only make clients happy; I also give them the tools to update their website for years to come.


The B2C app from Weather Decision Technologies, used by meteorologists and storm chasers alike, needed a fresh look. This website redesign included app walkthroughs for each platform, a support chatbot, a blog, a customized Shopify store, and more. It was a blast to create!


WeatherOps, at the time by Weather Decision Technologies and now powered by DTN, was moving to a new CMS and I got to do the heavy lifting. From an inbound marketing chat system complete with a sales-qualifying bot to industry-sortable cards, this site had it all from day one, thanks to Hubspot.

Weather Radio

Weather Radio, by Weather Decision Technologies (now powered by DTN) needed a quick refresh to go with its redesign. More of a launchpad website, this simple design is meant to give visitors a brief overview of the B2C app that’s critical for severe weather alerting.

Smokin’ Roxi’s Bling & Beads

Meet Smokin’ Roxi’s Bling N’ Beads, custom jewelry designs by Colorado local Marcie Lemberg! She has been creating custom jewelry with semi-precious and precious stones for years and wanted to go digital with her portfolio. This site was an absolute blast to design because the real stars of the show are her finished pieces. Each portfolio page is a stunning decoration that I merely had to work around with a simple design that incorporated colors and elements of her logo. Go to the site →


Chris is storm chasing for the local NBC affiliate in Oklahoma City, but that doesn’t mean he and I have stopped chasing together! On the contrary, we’re back with a brand new website full of updates. Check out our site, and get in touch with us at McBeeWX.com! Go to the site →

Rachel is a fantastic communicator whether it be in person, on the phone, over Slack, text or email. She finishes my sentences! Her eye for design and UX is off the charts. Not only can Rachel make a site look beautiful…Rachel makes it work!

Lolly T.

On the creative side, she learns and understands what is needed and then delivers a design that is fresh and well conceived. She stays updated with the latest technologies and utilizes them to increase her productive capabilities.

Bre Anna C.

She took on the task of rebuilding WDT’s website and blew all our expectations out of the park. It is designed beautifully and works amazingly!

Jordan V.