I weather the storm to get the shots I need, every time. Hours of driving, traveling by train, sometimes by ship, it’s all worth the journey when you can look back at it all in color (or black and white).

North Texas, USA | Tornado

Wray, Colorado, USA | Tornado

Leoti, Kansas, USA | Supercell + Tornado

Sunset Light Show, Colorado, USA | Landscape

Hollis, Oklahoma, USA | Supercell

Eads, Colorado, USA | Tornado

Badlands NP, South Dakota, USA | Landscape

Alliance, Nebraska, USA | Eclipse

Shiprock, New Mexico, USA | Landscape

Devils Tower, Wyoming, USA | Landscape

Outskirts of Zion NP, Utah, USA | Landscape

Rocky Mountains, Colorado, USA | Landscape

Bermuda | Nature/Landscape